How to | Build an Interactive Application

The Wolfram Language lets you create your own custom interfaces, using its uniquely straightforward symbolic interface-building technology. You can build simple interactive applications very quickly that scale seamlessly to large application interfaces.

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Within 60 seconds, you can take a simple model and create a fully interactive application from it.

Begin by plotting a simple model of two signals of different frequencies added together:

Use Manipulate to make the model interactive by providing some simple parameters that you will be able to control.

Here, f is the frequency and θ is the phase shift of the second signal. In the interactive application you will be able to adjust the value of f from 10 to 20, and the value of θ from 0 to . The initial color is blue:

You are able to interact with this immediately by dragging the sliders and changing the color of the model. You can also save it for deployment with Wolfram Player, or submit it as a Demonstration to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.