How to | Change the Lighting of Plots

You can enhance the appearance of 3D graphics in the Wolfram Language by changing the direction and color of plot lighting. Lighting, an option for Graphics3D and related functions, can be combined with other functions and options to yield customized high-quality graphics.

First, create a sphere with no options set:

The default setting for Lighting is Automatic:

Here, the explicit settings for Automatic are shown:

Use white light sources by setting the Lighting to neutral:

Here, the explicit settings for "Neutral" are shown:

Turn the lighting off:

Send blue light from the point with coordinates {0,-1,1}:

Send blue and green lights from two different points:

Ambient lighting is applied from all directions:

Add blue light from a point:

Send green light along a vector specified with two points:

Specify a blue spotlight by its position of origin, its target position on the object, and its half-angle:

Use lighting in a 3D plot:


Change the position of the spotlight to obtain different views of an object:

Manipulate the lighting position on a sphere: