Graphics Objects

At the core of the Wolfram Language's graphics language are geometrical objects, represented succinctly and efficiently by simple symbolic constructsto which all of the Wolfram Language's powerful symbolic programming capabilities can immediately be applied.

Point a point or list of points in 2D or 3D

PointSize  ▪  AbsolutePointSize  ▪  PlotMarkers  ▪  RGBColor

Line a line joining a sequence of points in 2D or 3D

HalfLine, InfiniteLine infinite lines in 2D or 3D

BezierCurve, BSplineCurve spline curves in 2D or 3D

JoinedCurve joined curve segments in 2D

Thick  ▪  Thin  ▪  Thickness  ▪  AbsoluteThickness

Dashed  ▪  Dotted  ▪  DotDashed  ▪  Dashing  ▪  AbsoluteDashing

Arrow an arrow from one point to another in 2D or 3D

Arrowheads  ▪  Thickness  ▪  Dashing  ▪  RGBColor

Triangle a triangle in 2D or 3D

Polygon a polygon in 2D or 3D

RegularPolygon a regular polygon in 2D

CirclePoints coordinates for a regular polygon

HalfPlane, InfinitePlane infinite planes in 2D or 3D

SSSTriangle, SASTriangle, ASATriangle, AASTriangle triangles specified by sides and angles in 2D

FilledCurve a filled area with curve segment boundary in 2D

RGBColor  ▪  Opacity  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  FaceForm  ▪  VertexColors  ▪  ...

GraphicsComplex a polygonal mesh or other graphics complex

Disk, Circle filled 2D disk, open 2D circle, ellipse, or arc

Annulus 2D filled annulus

Rectangle 2D filled rectangle

Parallelogram 2D filled parallelogram

RGBColor  ▪  Opacity  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  Thickness  ▪  Dashing

Tetrahedron tetrahedron in 3D

Cuboid axis-aligned cuboid in 3D

Parallelepiped parallelepiped in 3D

Hexahedron, Prism, Pyramid hexahedron, prism, and pyramid in 3D

Simplex simplex in 2D and 3D

ConicHullRegion piecewise linear cone in 2D and 3D

RGBColor  ▪  Opacity  ▪  Specularity  ▪  Glow  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  Dotted

PolyhedronData geometry and properties of regular polyhedra

Sphere spherical shell in 2D and 3D from center and radius

Circumsphere spherical shell in 2D and 3D from three or four points

Ball filled ball in 2D and 3D

Ellipsoid filled ellipsoid in 2D and 3D

Cylinder, Cone filled cylinder, cone around a line between two points in 3D

Tube 3D tube around a line or curve

Torus, FilledTorus a torus and a filled torus in 3D

BSplineSurface 3D NURB surface

RGBColor  ▪  Opacity  ▪  Specularity  ▪  Glow  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  Dotted

PolyhedronData geometry and properties of regular polyhedra

Raster 2D image raster

Raster3D 3D volume raster

Text arbitrary text or other expressions in 2D or 3D

Inset arbitrary objects in 2D or 3D inset into a larger graphic

AxisObject quantitative axis object along a path

AxisLabel  ▪  AxisStyle  ▪  TickDirection  ▪  TickLabelOrientation  ▪  TickLabelPositioning  ▪  TickLabels  ▪  TickLengths  ▪  TickPositions

FullGraphics convert a graphics object to one in which objects specified by graphics options are given as explicit lists of primitives