For general access to the Wolfram Knowledgebase, use entities of type Aircraft instead of AircraftData.


gives the value of the specified property for the aircraft entity.


gives a list of property values for the specified aircraft entities.


gives the specified annotation associated with the given property.


  • AircraftData[] gives a list of all aircraft entities.
  • AircraftData["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.
  • AircraftData["SampleEntities"] gives a list of sample entities.
  • The specified entity in AircraftData can be an Entity, EntityClass, entity canonical name, or list thereof.
  • The specified property can be an EntityProperty, EntityPropertyClass, property canonical name, or list of properties.
  • Properties that do not apply or are not known in a particular case are indicated by Missing[].
  • Properties include:
  • "Ceiling"operational ceiling
    "CruiseSpeed"cruise speed
    "DesignedBy"name of designer
    "EmptyWeightPerBooster"empty weight per booster
    "Introduced"date of introduction
    "LoadedWeight"loaded weight
    "MaidenFlight"date of first flight
    "MaxSpeed"maximum speed
    "MaxWeight"maximum weight
    "NumberBuilt"number of aircraft built
    "PowerPlantCount"number of engines
    "Range"range with maximum load
    "RateOfClimb"maximum climb rate
    "WingArea"area of wings
    "WingLoading"loading per wing area


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Basic Examples  (1)

Find properties of an aircraft:

Use for discovery:

Scope  (1)

Find sample entities:

Extract the canonical names:

Find available properties:

Examine properties of the first sample entity:

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