converts the quantity in the specified instance cheminst to targetunit.


converts to SI base units.



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Basic Examples  (4)

Calculate the number of millimoles in 2300 milligrams of sodium:

Calculate the number of molecules in 10 mL of water:

Calculate the volume in cubic feet of 10 moles of helium:

Express the mass of 10 ounces of urea in SI units:

An equivalent specification:

Scope  (5)

Calculate the equivalent amount of 10 mL of water at a nonstandard temperature and pressure:

Calculate the volume of 5 moles of mercury:

Calculate the mass of a trillion molecules of caffeine:

Calculate the mass of 0.6 moles of the drug amoxicillin, represented as a Molecule:

Calculate the amount in millimoles of 5 grams of "beefy meaty peptide", represented as a BioSequence:

Generalizations & Extensions  (2)

Compute the volume symbolically when the density is unknown:

Compute the amount of substance symbolically:

Applications  (1)

How many moles of tricalcium diphosphate,

, can be produced from 5 grams of calcium hydroxide when it reacts with excess phosphoric acid to produce
and water? Start by balancing the chemical reaction:

Compute the stoichiometric ratio of


Convert 5 g of

to moles and multiply by the stoichiometric ratio to find the moles of

Possible Issues  (3)

If the molar mass of a chemical entity cannot be determined, ChemicalConvert remains unevaluated:

If properties of a chemical at a nonstandard temperature and pressure are unavailable, ChemicalConvert remains unevaluated:

Multiple physical quantity keys can lead to unexpected results. Here, the "Mass" key has higher precedence than "Volume", so it is used for the conversion and the results replace the initial volume:

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