is an option for the low-level function GridBox which specifies the widths to use for columns.


  • The following settings can be given:
  • Allwide enough to fit without breaking lines
    Automaticavailable width divided automatically among columns
    Scaled[s]fraction s of the available width
    nn ems in the current font
    {w1,w2,}width specification wi for column i
  • With ColumnWidths->{w1,w2,,wn}, the specification wn is effectively taken to be repeated if there are more than n columns.
  • With ColumnWidths->Automatic, a particular column will never use more width than its widest element.
  • An explicit setting for ColumnWidths overrides ColumnsEqual->True.


Basic Examples  (3)

Set column widths in units of em-widths:

Set column widths as fractions of total width:

Set all columns to the same width:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2007