is an option for Compile that specifies settings for the compilation process.


  • CompilationOptions applies to the creation of the compiled function.
  • CompilationOptions accepts lists of settings in the form CompilationOptions->{}.
  • CompilationOptions can also take the following nested settings:
  • "ExpressionOptimization"Automaticwhether to optimize the input expression
    "InlineCompiledFunctions"Automaticwhether to expand the body of nested compiled functions
    "InlineExternalDefinitions"Automaticwhether to use external definitions
  • Possible values for "ExpressionOptimization" are:
  • Falsedo not optimize the input expression
    Trueoptimize the input expression
    Automaticonly use the optimized expression if the compiled function does not make external calls
  • Possible values for "InlineCompiledFunctions" are:
  • Falsedo not inline nested compiled functions
    Trueinline nested compiled functions
    Automaticinline small nested compiled functions
  • Possible values for "InlineExternalDefinitions" are:
  • Falsedo not use external definitions
    Trueinsert the body of external definitions
    Automaticuse the type of external definitions


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Basic Examples  (1)

Options to control how the compilation runs can be given in a nested form. For example, you can turn off compilation optimizations. This may cause the same computation to be done more than once:

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Options  (3)

Introduced in 2010