This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for counters that specifies the symbols used to display the value of the counter.


  • Counters can be inserted using the Insert Automatic Numbering menu item.
  • With the default setting CounterFunction->Identity, the value of the counter is displayed as an ordinary decimal number.
  • You can also set the counter display to use symbols such as Roman numerals or Greek letters. Other possible formats include capital Roman numerals, capital Greek letters, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, days of the week, months, and circled numbers. To use any of these formats, choose the corresponding item from the popup menu next to the option.
  • In the cell expression, these formats are implemented using the CharacterRange function. This allows you to specify any arbitrary set of symbols or strings to use in the counter display.
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