unregisters all entities in the first entity store that defines entities of the specified type.


unregisters all entities in the specified entity store.


  • EntityUnregister["type"] will unregister the first store found in the list returned by EntityStores[] that contains the type "type".
  • EntityUnregister[store] will only unregister an entity store that literally matches store.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Register an entity store containing data about books:

Find books by Goethe:

Unregister the entity store that contains the data of the "book" entity type:

Now the "book" entity type is not available anymore:

Possible Issues  (1)

Create and register a new entity store:

Modify the registered entity store by adding a new entity:

Try to unregister the modified store:

The store containing type "t" is still registered because it does not match the original store:

Unregister the store by referring to it by its type "t":

Introduced in 2018