gives the full state information output regulator for sys using specification rspec.


specifies the regulated outputs outi and the controlled inputs inj.

Details and Options

  • FullInformationOutputRegulator returns a regulator that drives the sys outputs to zero and is typically used to suppress or track known inputs to the system.
  • The system sys is taken to have state equations and and outputs , with being the controllable input. The state is not affected by the input and is used to model signals to suppress or track, as indicated by the output function .
  • Typical output functions , which the regulator will drive to zero:
  • suppress the effects of on the states
    cause to track
  • The system sys can be StateSpaceModel, AffineStateSpaceModel, or NonlinearStateSpaceModel.
  • The computed state feedback regulates sys about an operating point using .
  • The state feedback has the form , where , , and is computed following rspec.
  • Possible regulator specifications rspec:
  • {"Poles",{p1,}}computed with StateFeedbackGains
    {"Weights",{p,}}computed with LQRegulatorGains
    {"Gains",κ}explicitly given gains
  • With the specification {"method",pars,opts}, the options opts are passed to the gain computation function.
  • The outputs {out1,} and inputs {in1,} are part specifications and by default are taken to be All.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Compute the regulating feedback for a system with a constant disturbance of 0.5:

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The regulator is a function of the states and the disturbance state :

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The closed-loop system:

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The output is regulated to zero:

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Introduced in 2014