gives the Kronecker symbol .


  • KroneckerSymbol is also known as the Jacobi symbol or Legendre symbol.
  • Integer mathematical function, suitable for both symbolic and numerical manipulation.
  • KroneckerSymbol[n,1] gives 1.
  • KroneckerSymbol[n,-1] gives 1 whenever n is non-negative and otherwise.
  • For a number with a unit and primes, TemplateBox[{n, m}, KroneckerSymbol] returns TemplateBox[{n, u}, KroneckerSymbol] TemplateBox[{n, {p, _, 1}}, KroneckerSymbol] ...TemplateBox[{n, {p, _, l}}, KroneckerSymbol].


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Basic Examples  (2)

Compute Kronecker symbols:

Plot the KroneckerSymbol sequence with respect to the second argument:

Scope  (9)

Numerical Manipulation  (3)

KroneckerSymbol works over integers:

Compute for large arguments:

KroneckerSymbol threads elementwise over lists:

Symbolic Manipulation  (6)

TraditionalForm formatting:

Reduce expressions:

Solve equations:

Use KroneckerSymbol in a sum:

Recurrence equation:

Generating function:

Applications  (11)

Basic Applications  (2)

Table of values of the Kronecker symbol with n, m up to 10:

Plot the nontrivial values of the Kronecker symbol:

Number Theory  (9)

For congruent integers m and n modulo p, KroneckerSymbol[m,p]==KroneckerSymbol[n,p]:

Find EulerJacobi pseudoprimes to base : [more info]

The law of quadratic reciprocity for distinct primes n and m :

Construct eigenvectors of the discrete Fourier transform:

Evaluate Gauss sums in closed form:

The congruence equation has a solution if KroneckerSymbol[a,p] == 1:

KroneckerSymbol[n,k] is a real DirichletCharacter modulo k for odd integers k:

A real primitive character χ modulo k can be written in terms of KroneckerSymbol[χ[-1]k,n]:

Nonprimitive real characters can be written in terms of KroneckerSymbol at integers coprime to k:

KroneckerSymbol is the generalization of the Jacobi symbol for all integers:

Properties & Relations  (5)

KroneckerSymbol gives for non-coprime integers:

KroneckerSymbol is a completely multiplicative function for each argument:

The law of quadratic reciprocity for distinct primes n and m :

Use KroneckerSymbol to compute real DirichletCharacter modulo k for odd integers k:

Check that the following relation holds for any odd integer:

Neat Examples  (4)

The array plot of KroneckerSymbol:

Plot the arguments of the Fourier transform of KroneckerSymbol:

Successive differences of KroneckerSymbol modulo 2:

Plot the Ulam spiral of KroneckerSymbol:

Introduced in 2007