For general access to the Wolfram Knowledgebase, use entities of type Lake instead of LakeData.


gives the value of the specified property for the lake entity.


gives a list of property values for the specified lake entities.


gives the specified annotation associated with the given property.


  • LakeData[] gives a list of all lake entities.
  • LakeData["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.
  • LakeData["SampleEntities"] gives a list of sample entities.
  • The specified entity in LakeData can be an Entity, EntityClass, entity canonical name, or list thereof.
  • The specified property can be an EntityProperty, EntityPropertyClass, property canonical name, or list of properties.
  • Properties that do not apply or are not known in a particular case are indicated by Missing[].
  • Properties include:
  • "AlternateNames"alternate names
    "AnnualFishCatch"commercial fish catch
    "Area"surface area
    "AverageDepth"average depth
    "CatchmentArea"catchment area
    "Coordinates"center coordinates
    "DisplayName"display name
    "EasternmostPoint"easternmost point
    "EastWestExtent"east-west extent
    "MaxDepth"maximum depth
    "NearbyCities"nearby cities
    "NorthernmostPoint"northernmost point
    "NorthSouthExtent"north-south extent
    "OilRigs"oil rigs
    "Salinity"typical salinity
    "ShoreLength"shoreline length
    "SouthernmostPoint"southernmost point
    "WaterLevelFluctuation"water level fluctuation
    "WaterResidenceTime"water residence time
    "WesternmostPoint"westernmost point


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Basic Examples  (4)

Use for entity discovery:

Use to discover properties of a lake:

Explore properties of a lake:

Compare properties of multiple lakes:

Neat Examples  (2)

Make a map of Lake Tahoe:

Show the bordering countries of Lake Tanganyika on a map with tooltips:

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