is an option for NumberForm and related functions that specifies how the mantissa, base, and exponent should be assembled into a final print form.


  • With the setting NumberFormat->f, the function f is supplied with three arguments: the mantissa, base and exponent of each number to be printed. »
  • The arguments are all given as strings. »
  • When no exponent is to be printed, the third argument is given as "". »
  • The function f must return the final format for the number.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Display numbers in a Fortranlike form:

Display only the mantissas:

Display the exponents after converting to scientific form:

Scope  (3)

Use NumberFormat with PaddedForm:




Display numbers as lists containing the mantissa, base, and exponent:

Do the same for ScientificForm:

The arguments are strings:

If there is no exponent, the third argument is an empty string:

Introduced in 1991