represents flow data such as generated by FindMaximumFlow, FindMinimumCostFlow, etc.


  • An OptimumFlowData[] object ofd can be used to retrieve additional data and reports through ofd["property"].
  • A list of available properties is given by ofd["Properties"]. Additional information about the properties is listed on the pages for functions such as FindMaximumFlow and FindMinimumCostFlow.
  • Typical properties include:
  • "EdgeList"list of edges contributing to the flow
    "FlowGraph"graph of vertices and edges contributing to the flow
    "FlowMatrix"matrix of edge flows between pair of vertices
    "FlowTable"formatted table of edge flows
    "FlowValue"value of the flow
    "VertexList"list of vertices contributing to the flow


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create an OptimumFlowData object using FindMaximumFlow:

Obtain a list of properties:

Extract a property:

Scope  (5)

Extract a single property:

Build up a table of edge flows:

Build the flow matrix:

Highlight a flow:

Determine the flow value:

Extract any number of properties simultaneously:

Introduced in 2012