is an option to StateSpaceModel etc. that specifies labels of variables.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Noneno labels
    {lblu}labels for the input variables
    {lblu,lbly}labels for the input and output variables
    {lblu,lbly,lbls}labels for the input, output, and state variables
  • The settings for lblx, lbly, and lbls can be None or a list of labels {lbl1,lbl2,}.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Label the input variables:

Label the inputs, outputs, and states of a state-space model:

Scope  (3)

Label the variables in an AffineStateSpaceModel:

In a NonlinearStateSpaceModel:

The input label is preserved when converting to another systems model:

State labels are not preserved when converting a state-space model to a frequency-domain model:

Introduced in 2010