is an option for TemporalData, TimeSeries, and EventSeries that controls whether the paths are assumed to be uniformly spaced in time.


  • Settings include:
  • Automaticautomatically detect regularity (default)
    Trueexplicitly assume regularity
    Falseenforce the assumption of irregularity when present


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Basic Examples  (2)

By default, regularity is determined from the data:

Explicitly assume regularity:

Treat a time series as regularly spaced:

The dates are spaced by business day:

TimeSeries does not detect regularity:

Assume the series is regular:

Scope  (1)

It is sometimes possible to achieve regularity by specifying the times as {tmin,tmax,dt}:

The dates are spaced by business day:

The paths are equivalent:

Explicitly assume regularity:

The path remains unchanged:

Introduced in 2014