gives the elements of the time series tseries that fall between tmin and tmax.

Details and Options

  • TimeSeriesWindow is used to select a subset of a time series that falls in a given window.
  • The time series tseries can be a list of numeric values {x1,x2,}, a list of time-value pairs {{t1,x1},{t2,x2},}, a TimeSeries, EventSeries, or TemporalData.
  • The window times tmin and tmax can be given as Automatic, numbers, or dates. When tmin or tmax are given as Automatic, the first and last times in tseries are used, respectively.
  • TimeSeriesWindow takes the following options:
  • ResamplingMethodAutomaticthe method to use for resampling paths
    IncludeWindowTimesFalsewhether to include tmin and tmax
  • By default, the window times tmin and tmax are included only if they are also members of the times {t1,t2,} in tseries.
  • If tmin and tmax are outside the range of the {t1,t2,}, then the t1 and tn are used, respectively.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Extract a portion of a time series:

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Take the elements between May 4 and August 4 of 2012:

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Extract elements from June 2012:

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Introduced in 2014