represents the symmetry of a zero tensor in the slots si.


  • The slots si must be different positive numbers. The order of the list is irrelevant.
  • TensorSymmetry on zero tensors canonicalizes the result to ZeroSymmetric[{}].


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Basic Examples  (2)

Symmetry of a zero array:

Declare a symbolic array with the zero symmetry:

Then that symbolic array is actually a zero tensor:

Scope  (2)

Symmetry of arrays of zeros:

Declare an antisymmetric symbolic array:

Any contraction is then a zero tensor, and hence has zero symmetry:

Properties & Relations  (3)

A tensor with symmetry ZeroSymmetric[] does not have independent components:

Construct a symmetrized array with ZeroSymmetric[] symmetry:

It is the zero tensor:

Symmetrization with respect to the zero symmetry returns a zero tensor:

Introduced in 2012