WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames (C Function)

int WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames( WSENV env , char *** p , int * l )

gets a list of strings containing the names of the install link protocols from the WSTP environment env storing the strings in p and the length of the list of names in l.


  • WSTP currently supports the following link protocol names: SharedMemory, TCPIP, IntraProcess, Pipes, FileMap, and TCP.
  • Not all link protocols are available on all platforms.
  • PlatformProtocol
    LinuxSharedMemory, TCPIP, Intraprocess, Pipes, TCP
    WindowsSharedMemory, TCPIP, IntraProcess, FileMap, TCP
    OS XSharedMemory, TCPIP, IntraProcess, Pipes, TCP
  • WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames() allocates memory to store the list of protocol names that must be released by calling WSReleaseLinkProtocolNames(). If WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames() returns an error, do not call WSReleaseLinkProtocolNames() on the contents of p.
  • WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames() returns 0 on success and a nonzero error code on failure.
  • WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames() is declared in the WSTP header file wstp.h.


Basic Examples  (1)

#include "wstp.h"

int main()
    WSENV env;
    char **protocolNames;
    int length;
    int apiResult;

    env = WSInitialize((WSEnvironmentParameter)0);
    if(env == (WSENV)0)
    { /* Unable to create WSTP environment */ }

    apiResult = WSGetAvailableLinkProtocolNames(env, &protocolNames, &length);
    if(apiResult != 0)
    { /* Unable to retrieve link protocol names */ }

    /* ... */

    WSReleaseLinkProtocolNames(env, protocolNames, length);