Insert Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines

opens a submenu to insert a line of the specified thickness above or below the selected cell.


  • To add a horizontal line to an existing cell, select the cell bracket and then choose one of the following from the Horizontal Lines submenu:
  • Nonenone
    Thin Line Aboveinsert a thin line above selected cell
    Medium Line Aboveinsert a medium line above selected cell
    Thick Line Aboveinsert a thick line above selected cell
    Thin Line Belowinsert a thin line below selected cell
    Medium Line Belowinsert a medium line below selected cell
    Thick Line Belowinsert a thick line below selected cell
  • To add a new cell containing only a horizontal line, click on a position in the notebook using the horizontal insertion bar and then choose one of the following line objects from the Horizontal Lines submenu:
  • Paste Thin Line Objectinsert a thin line object
    Paste Medium Line Objectinsert a medium line object
    Paste Thick Line Objectinsert a thick line object
  • Inserting a horizontal line corresponds to setting the CellFrame option for either the new or existing cell.