Convert a Notebook to a Presentation

PresenterTools makes it quick and easy to turn an existing notebook into a presentation-ready slide show.

Start with a structured notebook

Start with a notebook structured into sections with Title, Section, Subsection, etc. cells:

Set the notebooks stylesheet to a PresenterTools stylesheet

Choose one of the items in the Format Stylesheet PresenterTools menu to set the notebooks stylesheet to that style:

  • You can change to a different presentation stylesheet later if you wish.

Switch to the Slideshow Working environment

Choose Slideshow Working from the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the presentation notebook. A toolbar appears at the top of the notebook:

Add slide breaks

Click Slide Break Defaults in the toolbar and check each cell style that should begin a new slide, typically the Title and Section styles. Slide breaks are added before those cells:


Click Start Presentation to start a full-screen slide show presentation: