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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

Version 3.2.2, 2014-12-05 (Johannes Ziske, Thomas Bödrich)
Version 3.2.2, 2014-01-15 (Christian Kral)
Version 1.5, 2013-01-04 (Martin Otter, Thomas Bödrich, Johannes Ziske)
  • Added missing initial conditions
  • Fixed initial parameter values
Version 1.4, 2011-08-01 (Thomas Bödrich)
  • MagneticPort declared with MagneticPotential instead of MagneticPotentialDifference
Version 1.3, 2010-04-22 (Christian Kral)
  • Added conditional heat port to EddyCurrent model
Version 1.2, 2009-08-11 (Christian Kral, Anton Haumer, Thomas Bödrich, Martin Otter)
  • Update and improvement for inclusion in the Modelica Standard Library
Version 1.1, 2009-05-19 (Thomas Bödrich)
  • Coupling coefficient in Basic.ElectroMagneticConverter removed
  • Basic.EddyCurrent added
  • Example MovingCoilActuator, especially PermeanceModel, completely revised
  • Leakage coefficient replaced by coupling coefficient in Basic.LeakageWithCoefficient
  • Utilities.CoilDesign: parameter U renamed to V_op,CoilDesign moved to Utilities.
  • Reference direction for magnetic flux added in all sources
  • degC replaced by K for compatibility with Modelica 3.0
  • redeclare in Sensors for compatibility with Modelica 3.0 removed
  • Partial flux tube components moved to Interfaces and basic elements moved to new package Basic
Version 1,0, 2007-10-11 (Thomas Bödrich)
  • Release of version 1.0 of the library
2005 (Thomas Bödrich)
  • First release of a Modelica magnetic library