Save a color map on file in svg (scalable vector graphics) format

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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.


                     fileName   = "colorMap.svg",
                     width      =  10,  // [mm]
                     height     = 100,  // [mm]
                     x          =  20,  // [mm]
                     y          =  10,  // [mm]
                     T_min      =   0,
                     T_max      = 100,
                     nScalars   =  11,
                     format     = ".3g",
                     fontSize   =  11,  // [pt]
                     textWidth  =   8,  // [mm]
                     caption    = "",
                     headerType = Colors.colorMapToSvg.Header.svgBeginAndEnd)
                                                           // svgBegin
                                                           // svgEnd
                                                           // svgNoHeader


This function saves the color map "Real colorMap[:,3]" on file "fileName" in svg format. The color map has a width of "width" and a height of "height" and the upper left corner is placed at coordinates "(x,y)". Over the color map, a caption "caption" is placed. On the right side of the color map, a set of scalar field values T is displayed where "T_min" is placed at colorMap[1,:], "T_max" is placed at colorMap[end,:] and "nScalars" values between "T_min" and "T_max" (including T_min and T_max) are shown. The printing format of the numbers is defined with "format", see definition below. With argument "headerType" it is defined whether "svg" begin and end lines are printed. If the "begin" svg tag shall be printed, file "fileName" is deleted, if it already exists. Otherwise, all output is appended to the file "fileName".

A "svg" file can be displayed by a web browser, such as Firefox by dragging the file in the browser window. Alternatively, a svg-file can be loaded in a graphics program, such as the free Inkscape, can be manipulated and can be exported in other graphic formats. The following image was generated with a call to "colorMapToSvg", the generated file was loaded in Inkscape and exported in "png" format:

The "format" argument defines the string formatting according to ANSI-C without "%" and "*" character
(e.g., ".6g", "14.5e", "+6f"). In particular:

format = "[<flags>] [<width>] [.<precision>] <conversion>" with

<flags> zero, one or more of
"-": left adjustment of the converted number
"+": number will always be printed with a sign
"0": padding to the field width with leading zeros
<width> Minimum field width. The converted number will be printed in a field at
least this wide and wider if necessary. If the converted number has
fewer characters it will be padded on the left (or the right depending
on <flags>) with blanks or 0 (depending on <flags>).
<precision> The number of digits to be printed after the decimal point for
e, E, or f conversions, or the number of significant digits for
g or G conversions.
<conversion> = "e": Exponential notation using a lower case e
= "E": Exponential notation using an upper case E
= "f": Fixed point notation
= "g": Either "e" or "f"
= "G": Same as "g", but with upper case E


colorMapToSvg(colorMap, fileName, width, height, x, y, T_min, T_max, nScalars, format, fontSize, textWidth, caption, headerType)

Inputs (14)


Type: Real[:,3]

Description: Color map to be stored in svg format


Default Value: "colorMap.svg"

Type: String

Description: File where the svg representation shall be stored


Default Value: 10

Type: Real (mm)

Description: Width in svg-figure


Default Value: 100

Type: Real (mm)

Description: Height in svg-figure


Default Value: 20

Type: Real (mm)

Description: X-Coordinate of left upper corner


Default Value: 10

Type: Real (mm)

Description: Y-Coordinate of left upper corner


Default Value: 0

Type: Real

Description: Value of scalar corresponding to colorMap[1,:]


Default Value: 100

Type: Real

Description: Value of scalar corresponding to colorMap[end,:]


Default Value: 11

Type: Integer

Description: Number of scalars to be displayed at the right side


Default Value: ".3g"

Type: String

Description: Format of the numbers


Default Value: 11

Type: Real

Description: Font size in [pt]


Default Value: 8

Type: Real (mm)

Description: Numbers are right justified starting at x+width+textWidth


Default Value: ""

Type: String

Description: Caption above the map


Default Value: Colors.colorMapToSvg.HeaderType.svgBeginAndEnd

Type: HeaderType

Description: Type of header