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This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

  1. In the HTML documentation of any Modelica library, the headings <h1>, <h2> and <h3> should not be used, because they are utilized by the automatically generated documentation.
  2. The utilized heading format starts with <h4> and terminates with </h4>, e.g., <h4>Description</h4>
  3. The <h4> and <h5> headings must not be terminated by a colon (:).
  4. For additional structuring <h5> and </h5> may be used as demonstrated below.


The following parts should be added to the documentation of each component:

  1. General information without additional subsection explains how the class works
  2. Syntax (for functions only): shows syntax of function call with minimum and full input parameters
  3. Implementation (optional): explains how the implementation is made
  4. Limitations (optional): explains the limitations of the component
  5. Notes (optional): if required/useful
  6. Examples (optional): if required/useful
  7. Acknowledgments (optional): if required
  8. See also: shows hyperlinks to related models
  9. Revision history (optional): if required/intended for a package/model, the revision history should be placed in annotation(Documentation(revisions="..."));

These sections should appear in the listed order. The only exceptions are hierarchically structured notes and examples as explained in the following.

Additional notes and examples

Some additional notes or examples may require additional <h5> headings. For either notes or examples the following cases may be applied:

Example 1

This is an example of a single note.

<p>This is the note.</p>
Example 2

This is an example of a very simple structure.

<p>This is the first note.</p>
<p>This is the second note.</p>
Example 3

This example shows a more complex structure with enumeration.

<h5>Note 1</h5>
<h5>Note 2</h5>

Automatically created documentation

For parameters, connectors, as well as inputs and outputs of function automatic documentation is generated by the tool from the quoted comments.