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Generalized[cnum] returns the list of generalized forces, or Lagrange multipliers (CapitalLambda1, CapitalLambda2, ... ) associated with constraint cnum in the current model.
• The cnum argument can take any of the forms accepted by
Constraints to obtain velocity terms from multiple constraints.
Generalized is also an element of the MakeRules option setting.
MakeRules->{... , Generalized, ... } causes the generalized forces to be included in the interpolated rules returned.

Generalized[All] returns the entire vector of Lagrange multipliers.
• The generalized force vector contains one Lagrange multiplier, CapitalLambdan, for each constraint equation in the current system.
Jacobian[cnum, All]].Generalized[cnum] Equal Loads[All] returns the entire static force balance equation associated with constraint cnum.
• The value of the Lagrange multipliers cannot be directly interpreted as a force or moment without some understanding of the explicit form of the mechanism equations. Use the Reaction function to convert generalized loads into the reaction forces at each constraint.
• See also: Centrifugal.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here are the generalized forces associated with the Translate2 constraint.

Here are the generalized forces associated with multiple constraints.

The numerical values of the generalized forces are given by SolveMech with the Static, Kinematic, or Dynamic solution levels.

See HelpModel2D.