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Parameters[] returns the current Mech parameters list.
Parameters is also an element of the setting for the
MakeRules option. MakeRules->{Parameters, ... } causes the current parameters to be included in the returned rules.
Parameters is also an option for SplineFit that is used to specify the value of the spline parameter at each knot point.

• As an option for SplineFit, Parameters can be either a list of numbers in ascending order, equal in length to the number of data points given, or Automatic, which is equivalent to specifying a list of integers ascending from zero.
• Specifying the Parameters option for SplineFit allows the spacing of the knot points for the spline independent variable to be altered.
• See also: ClearParameters, Reaction, SetParameters.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

Add parameters to the system parameter list.

Remove some of the parameters and add some more.

Remove all the parameters.