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VelocityTerms[cnum] returns the part of the right-hand term of the current velocity constraint expressions associated with constraint cnum.
• The cnum argument can take any of the forms accepted by
Constraints to obtain velocity terms from multiple constraints.

VelocityTerms[All] returns the entire vector of velocity terms.
Jacobian[cnum, All] . Velocity[All] + VelocityTerms[cnum] returns the entire velocity constraint expression associated with constraint cnum.
• The VelocityTerms are formed by differentiating the constraint vector with respect to time and discarding the components that are a linear function of the velocity coordinates.
• See also: AccelerationTerms.

Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package and define a simple model.

Here are the velocity terms associated with the entire constraint vector. Only the RotationLock1 constraint has a nonzero velocity term because it is the only constraint with an explicit time dependence.

Here is the entire velocity constraint expression associated with the RotationLock1 constraint.

This shows that the velocity expression is zeroed by a solution to the model.

See HelpModel2D.

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