Trigonometric Functions

With careful attention to branch cuts, the Wolfram Language supports trigonometric functions everywhere in the complex plane, with extensive exact and algebraic transformations, together with efficient arbitrary-precision numerical evaluation. The Wolfram Language follows the standard mathematical convention of using radians for trigonometric function arguments.


Sin  ▪  Cos  ▪  Tan  ▪  Csc  ▪  Sec  ▪  Cot

ArcSin  ▪  ArcCos  ▪  ArcTan  ▪  ArcCsc  ▪  ArcSec  ▪  ArcCot

Haversine  ▪  InverseHaversine

Degree (°) constant to convert from radians to degrees

I () , entered as EsciiEsc ("imaginary i")

FromDMS, DMSList convert between radians and degrees, minutes, seconds

AngleVector generate a vector at a specified angle

CirclePoints equally spaced points around a circle

ToPolarCoordinates  ▪  FromPolarCoordinates

FullSimplify simplify trigonometric expressions

FunctionExpand reduce to algebraic forms or simpler arguments

TrigExpand etc.

TrigFactor Sin[..]+Sin[..]product of terms, etc.

TrigReduce etc.

TrigToExp, ExpToTrig convert between trigonometric functions and exponentials

ComplexExpand expand into real and imaginary parts

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