gives the linearity of the systems model sys.

only considers the subsystem associated with inputs , outputs , and states .


  • SystemsModelLinearity is typically used to determine whether a NonlinearStateSpaceModel or AffineStateSpaceModel satisfies additional linearity conditions, which would allow it to be exactly converted to a more specialized form and thus making a wider range of design and analysis techniques applicable.
  • Possible systems models sys include TransferFunctionModel, StateSpaceModel, AffineStateSpaceModel, and NonlinearStateSpaceModel.
  • A state space model with state , input , state equations and output equations can be classified based on what variables in and occur linearly.
  • Possible values and the structural form required for both and are given below:
  • "Linear"linear in states and inputs,
    "Bilinear"linear in states and inputs separately,
    "StateLinear"linear only in states,
    "InputLinear"linear only in inputs,
    "Nonlinear"not linear in either states or inputs
Introduced in 2014