Low-Level Notebook Structure

Like everything else in Mathematica, notebooks are ultimately symbolic expressions. When you edit notebooks—or apply high-level programmatic functions—Mathematica automatically updates these expressions. But if you look at the lowest level—say by opening a notebook file as text—you will see the underlying expressions, in which formatting constructs are represented as a hierarchy of low-level symbolic "boxes".


Ctrl+Shift+E toggle between formatted display and underlying symbolic expression

Notebook low-level symbolic representation for a notebook

Cell low-level representation for a cell in a notebook

RowBox low-level representation for a row of arbitrary elements

GridBox low-level representation of an arbitrary 2D layout

SuperscriptBox ▪ SubscriptBox ▪ SubsuperscriptBox

OverscriptBox ▪ UnderscriptBox ▪ UnderoverscriptBox

FractionBox ▪ SqrtBox ▪ RadicalBox

StyleBox low-level wrapper specifying styles and style options to apply

FrameBox ▪ AdjustmentBox

FormBox ▪ InterpretationBox ▪ TagBox ▪ ErrorBox

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