Vector Analysis

Building on Mathematica's powerful capabilities in calculus and algebra, Mathematica 9 introduces support for vector analysis. Vectors in any dimension are supported in common coordinate systems. By exploiting Mathematica's efficient representation of arrays, operations can be performed on scalars, vectors, and higher-rank tensors in a uniform manner.


Vector Calculus

Grad gradient

Div divergence

Curl curl in any dimension

Laplacian Laplacian

Coordinate Systems

CoordinateChartData properties of coordinate systems

CoordinateTransformData relationships between coordinate systems

TransformedField transform a scalar, vector, or tensor field between coordinate systems

CoordinateTransform re-express a point in a new coordinate system


StreamPlot ▪ VectorPlot ▪ ListVectorPlot ▪ VectorPlot3D ▪ ...

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