FindKClique[g, k]
finds a largest k-clique in the graph g.

FindKClique[g, k, n]
finds a k-clique containing at most n vertices.

FindKClique[g, k, {n}]
finds a k-clique containing exactly n vertices.

FindKClique[g, k, {nmin, nmax}]
finds a k-clique containing between and vertices.

FindKClique[g, k, nspec, s]
finds at most s k-cliques.

FindKClique[{g, v}, k, ...]
finds k-cliques that include the vertex v only.


  • A k-clique is a maximal set of vertices that are at a distance no greater than k from each other.
  • FindKClique returns a list of k-cliques.
  • FindKClique will return an empty list if there is no k-clique.
  • FindKClique[..., k, nspec, All] finds all the k-cliques.
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