GeoPositionXYZ[{x, y, z}]
represents a position in a Cartesian geocentric coordinate system.

GeoPositionXYZ[{x, y, z}, datum]
represents a point referred to the specified datum.


  • GeoPositionXYZ uses an Earth-centered, Earth-fixed coordinate system.
  • Coordinate values are assumed to be in meters.
  • If no datum is specified, GeoPositionXYZ refers to the International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000.
  • Typical values for datum specifications include "ITRF00", "NAD83CORS96", and "WGS84".
  • GeoPositionXYZ coordinates are assumed to have a time coordinate equal to the reference epoch date of the datum.
  • GeoPositionXYZ[{x, y, z, t}] includes a time, given as a date t in decimal years.
  • GeoPositionXYZ[GeoPositionXYZ[{x, y, z}, datum1], datum2] converts between datums.
  • GeoPositionXYZ[coord] or GeoPositionXYZ[coord, "datum"] converts from any geographic coordinate type. The following geographic coordinate types can be given: GeoPosition, GeoPositionXYZ, GeoPositionENU, GeoGridPosition.

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Basic Examples (3)Basic Examples (3)

Cartesian point in the ITRF00 reference frame:

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Convert to a geodetic position:

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Convert Earth-centered coordinates from ITRF00 to NAD83CORS96:

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