MarcumQ[m, a, b]
gives Marcum's Q function .

MarcumQ[m, a, b0, b1]
gives Marcum's Q function .


  • Mathematical function suitable for both symbolic and numerical evaluation.
  • Q_m(a,b)=int_b^inftyx (x/a)^(m-1) TemplateBox[{{m, -, 1}, {a,  , x}}, BesselI] exp(-1/2 (a^2+x^2))dx for real positive , , and .
  • MarcumQ[m, a, b] is an entire function of both a and b with no branch cut discontinuities.
  • For a certain special argument, MarcumQ automatically evaluates to exact values.
  • MarcumQ can be evaluated to arbitrary numerical precision.
  • MarcumQ automatically threads over lists.
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