generates a plot of the singular values of the transfer function for the system lsys.

SingularValuePlot[lsys, {min, max}]
plots for the frequency range to .

SingularValuePlot[expr, {, min, max}]
plots expr using the variable .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The system lsys can be TransferFunctionModel or StateSpaceModel, including descriptor and delay systems.
  • For a system lsys with the corresponding transfer function , the following expressions are plotted:
  • continuous-time system
    discrete-time system with sample time
  • SingularValuePlot treats the variable as local, effectively using Block.
  • SingularValuePlot has the same options as Plot, with the following additions and changes:
  • SamplingPeriodNonethe sampling period
    ScalingFunctions{"Log10","dB"}the scaling functions
    Tolerance0the tolerance in computing the singular values
  • The scaling functions can be specified as ScalingFunctions->{freqscale, magscale}.
  • The frequency scale freqscale can be or , which correspond to the base-10 logarithmic scale and linear scale, respectively.
  • The magnitude scale magscale can be or , which correspond to the decibel and absolute values of the magnitude, respectively.
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