WeightedData[{x1, x2, ...}, {w1, w2, ...}]
represents observations with weights .

WeightedData[{x1, x2, ...}, fn]
represents observations with weighting function fn.


  • WeightedData augments data with weights for each data point.
  • The data and weights should be lists of equal length.
  • The weight function fn is applied to the list and should return an explicit list of weights .
  • WeightedData can be used in statistics functions including:
  • Mean, Variance, ...descriptive statistics functions
    TemplateBox[{EmpiricalDistribution, paclet:ref/EmpiricalDistribution}, RefLink, BaseStyle -> InlineFormula],...nonparametric distribution estimation
    TemplateBox[{EstimatedDistribution, paclet:ref/EstimatedDistribution}, RefLink, BaseStyle -> InlineFormula],...parametric distribution estimation
  • WeightedData[{x1, x2, ...}] gives data with equal weights.
  • Properties of WeightedData can be obtained by specifying WeightedData[...]["property"].
  • A list of available properties can be obtained using WeightedData[...]["Properties"].
  • WeightedData has the following properties:
  • "EmpiricalPDF"data values and estimated weights
    "InputData"unweighted input data values
    "MetaInformation"a list containing meta-information rules
    "Weights"a list containing the data weights
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