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LockMech[t] finds a solution to the mechanism equations at time t and then embeds the numerical values of the dependent variables into the mechanism equations so that they cannot be changed until a new system is built with SetConstraints.

• The LockMech command is useful when a mechanism is to be analyzed repeatedly through changing velocities, accelerations, or forces, at a constant location, velocity, or acceleration.
• The
Solution option can be given to specify what order of dependent variables to lock.
• Valid settings for Solution are Location, Velocity, and Acceleration.
• For example, Solution->Velocity locks the position and velocity of the model, so that accelerations and loads can still be calculated.
• The default option is Solution->Location.
• Using LockMech significantly accelerates the operation of the higher-order and load solution blocks as it is no longer necessary to perform the replacement and evaluation of the unchanging variables.
• See also: CheckRules, Compiled.