performs color negation on image.


performs color negation on list.


performs color negation on memory referenced by mem.


  • The CUDALink package must be loaded using Needs["CUDALink`"].
  • CUDAColorNegate works with binary, grayscale, and other images.
  • CUDAColorNegate works with CUDAMemory and lists.
  • If multiple image channels are present, CUDAColorNegate operates on each of them separately.
  • If the input type is Real, then the input is subtracted from 1.0, not 255.
  • CUDAColorNegate does not work on fixed vector structure types like "Float[2]", "Integer32[2]", .
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Device"$CUDADeviceCUDA device used to perform computation
    "OutputMemory"Noneoutput memory provided to avoid creating new memory location


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Basic Examples  (5)

First, load the CUDALink application:

This performs color negation on the input color image:

This inverts a grayscale image:

This inverts a binary image:

This performs color negation on the input list:

If the input is CUDAMemory, then memory is returned as output:

This negates the input:

Memory is retrieved using CUDAMemoryGet:

Interactive Examples  (1)