Upgrading from:


MultipleListPlot is replaced by ListPlot and ListLinePlot, which now accept multiple sets of data.
Dashing[{Dot,Dash,LongDash}] is replaced with Dashing[{Tiny,Small,Medium,Large}].
A new Error Bar Plots Package has been created.

ListPlot now works with multiple sets of data:

Version 5.2 MultipleListPlot[Range[5], Range[5]^2]

The new ListPlot option Joined replaces the PlotJoined option to MultipleListPlot:

Version 5.2 MultipleListPlot[Range[5], Range[5]^2, PlotJoined -> {True, False}]

SymbolShape- Stem is replaced by the Filling option to ListPlot:

Version 5.2 MultipleListPlot[Range[5], SymbolShape -> Stem]

Other uses of SymbolShape are replaced by the PlotMarkers option to ListPlot:

Version 5.2 MultipleListPlot[Range[5], 
 SymbolShape -> {PlotSymbol[Triangle], PlotSymbol[Box]}]

SymbolLabel->{{labels1},...{labelsn}} can be reproduced by mapping the function Tooltip across the lists:

Version 5.2 MultipleListPlot[Range[4], Range[4] + \[Pi], 
 SymbolLabel -> {Range[4], Range[4] + \[Pi]}]

Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large can be used to specify Dashing lengths:

Version 5.2 Graphics[{Dashing[{Dot, Dash, LongDash, Dash}], 
  Line[{{0, 0}, {1, 1}}]}]

ErrorBar and related styling options are now found in the Error Bar-Plots Package:

RegularPolygon can be replaced by the following simple definition:

MakeSymbol was available in previous versions of Mathematica and is now available on the web at library.wolfram.com/infocenter/MathSource/6819.