represents discretized partial differential equation boundary condition data.


  • DiscretizedBoundaryConditionData[] is generated by DiscretizeBoundaryConditions.
  • DiscretizedBoundaryConditionData[] contains representations of the discretized boundary conditions for partial differential equations.
  • In standard output format, only the total degrees of freedom are shown.
  • DiscretizedBoundaryConditionData[][prop] gives the property prop of the DiscretizedBoundaryConditionData object. The following properties may be given:
  • "DirichletMatrix"extracts the Dirichlet matrix
    "DirichletRows"extracts the rows of Dirichlet conditions
    "DirichletValues"extracts the Dirichlet values
    "LoadVector"extracts the boundary load vector
    "Properties"list of properties
    "StiffnessMatrix"extracts the boundary stiffness matrix
    "ScaleFactor"value of the scale factor for transient handling of Dirichlet boundary conditions
  • Boundary conditions may be deployed into the system matrices with DeployBoundaryConditions.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Load the finite element package:

Set up a NumericalRegion:

Set up variable and solution data:

Initialize the boundary conditions and method data:

Discretize initialized boundary conditions based on method data and solution data:

Scope  (6)

"DirichletMatrix"  (1)

Extract the Dirichlet matrix:

Visualize the Dirichlet matrix:

The row represent the number of Dirichlet conditions, while the columns represent the positions in the system matrices where the Dirichlet conditions apply.

"DirichletRows"  (1)

Extract the rows where Dirichlet conditions are to be applied:

"DirichletValues"  (1)

Extract the Dirichlet values:

The Dirichlet values are the values that each row in the Dirichlet matrix is set to.

"Load"  (1)

Extract the pure Neumann load contribution:

"ScaleFactor"  (1)

Extract the computed value of the "ScaleFactor" option given in InitializeBoundaryConditions:

"StiffnessMatrix"  (1)

Extract the generalized Neumann contribution: