Building GUIs

The functionality provided by GUIKit has been superseded by the interface construction and controls functions native to the built-in Wolfram Language.

Widget define a new widget instance

Script associate code with a widget

BindEvent associate code with an event

InvokeMethod make a method call on a widget

WidgetReference find an existing widget instance

SetWidgetReference add a widget to the widget registry

UnsetWidgetReference remove a widget from the widget registry

PropertyValue get a widget property value

SetPropertyValue set a widget property value

WidgetGroup specify layout settings

WidgetAlign  ▪  WidgetFill  ▪  WidgetSpace

SymbolicGUIKitXMLToWidget convert GUIKitXML to a Widget expression

WidgetToSymbolicGUIKitXML convert a Widget expression to GUIKitXML

$GUIPath list the directories to search for interface files