Writing To RDF Stores Using SPARQL

Insert, delete and modify data contained in local and remote RDF graphs and datasets.

SPARQLUpdate represents a SPARQL update request

SPARQLExecute execute an update request on a SPARQL endpoint

RDFStore an RDF graph or dataset

Graph Update

SPARQLInsertData, SPARQLDeleteData insert data into or delete data from a graph or dataset

SPARQLInsert, SPARQLDelete, SPARQLDeleteInsert insert or delete based on graph patterns and explicit data

SPARQLLoad load a file into a dataset

SPARQLClear clear a graph

Graph Management

SPARQLCreate create a graph in a dataset

SPARQLDrop drop a graph from a dataset

SPARQLCopy copy a graph in a dataset

SPARQLMove move a graph in a dataset

SPARQLAdd add a graph in a dataset


"SPARQLUpdate" format for SPARQL updates