Querying RDF Stores Using SPARQL

Query local and remote RDF graphs and datasets.

SPARQLQuery represents a SPARQL query

SPARQLExecute execute a query on a SPARQL endpoint

RDFStore an RDF graph or dataset

Query Forms

SPARQLSelect returns a list of bindings of variables to their values

SPARQLConstruct create a graph from a template

SPARQLAsk test whether a query pattern matches

SPARQLAggregate an aggregate

SPARQLEvaluation evaluate functions during query evaluation

Graph patterns

SPARQLVariable a variable in a graph pattern

RDFTriple a triple pattern

List ({}) a group graph pattern

Condition (/;) a filter

SPARQLOptional an optional pattern

Alternatives (|) a union pattern

Except negation

SPARQLPropertyPath a property path pattern

Rule () bind an expression to a variable

SPARQLValues specify values for variables

SPARQLSelect a subquery

SPARQLGraph match part of a query against a named graph

SPARQLService match part of a query on a SPARQL endpoint

Property paths

IRI a predicate path

SPARQLInverseProperty an inverse path

Sequence a sequence path

Alternatives (|) an alternative path

RepeatedNull (...) a zero or more path

Repeated (..) a one or more path

Repeated[,{0,1}] a zero or one path

Except a negated property set


"SPARQLQuery" format for SPARQL queries

"SPARQLResultsJSON" JSON-based format for the result of SPARQL SELECT and ASK queries

"SPARQLResultsXML" XML-based format for the result of SPARQL SELECT and ASK queries