is a pattern which matches only if the evaluation of test yields True.


represents a rule which applies only if the evaluation of test yields True.


is a definition to be used only if test yields True.


  • All pattern variables used in test must also appear in patt.
  • lhs:=Module[{vars},rhs/;test] allows local variables to be shared between test and rhs. You can use the same construction with Block and With. »


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Basic Examples  (2)

Make a definition with the condition that x should be positive:

Replace all elements which satisfy the condition of being negative:

Scope  (2)

Share a variable between a condition and function body:

Use Condition inside a function body to control evaluation:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Condition evaluates a Boolean expression on named parts of a pattern:

PatternTest applies test functions to patterns, which need not have names:

Use Except to effectively negate Condition:

Possible Issues  (1)

Repeated[p /; test] requires that every named pattern in p have the same value throughout the sequence:

The same is true of RepeatedNull:

Use PatternTest in combination with unnamed patterns to allow a sequence of nonidentical elements:

Introduced in 1988