is an option for SPARQLQuery that specifies which entailment relations to use when evaluating a query.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Noneno entailment
    "RDF"RDF entailment
    "RDFS"RDFS entailment
    "OWLDirect"OWL 2 direct semantics entailment


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify a hierarchy of professions using the RDF Schema vocabulary:

Find all sub-classes of "Person" using "RDFS" entailment:

Without entailment the same query has only one solution:

Scope  (1)

Import an ontology of topological spaces:

Declare vocabulary functions:

Space 3 is not explicitly declared to be regular:

Space 3 can be inferred to be regular under the OWL 2 direct semantics:

Find all T1 spaces, including inferred members:

Find Hausdorff spaces which are not regular:

Space 4 can't be inferred to be a T3 space:

The opposite, space 4 being in the complement of T3 spaces, can't be inferred either: