represents a variable with label "var" in a SPARQL query.


  • SPARQLVariable["x"] is used in SPARQL graph patterns and expressions to distinguish a variable with label "x" from a string literal "x".
  • The SPARQLVariable wrapper is optional in places where only variables can appear.
  • A SPARQLVariable can appear in any position of an RDFTriple.
  • An RDFTriple that contains a SPARQLVariable is also known as a triple pattern.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Given an RDFStore about people:

Query all persons together with their first name:

Get the first and last name:

Possible Issues  (1)

Given an RDFStore about people:

Define a pattern that matches the first and last name:

The strings "first" and "last" in the "concat" function are interpreted as literals:

To refer to the variables use the SPARQLVariable wrapper: