As of Version 10, all the functionality of the GraphUtilities package is built into the Wolfram System. >>


gives a list of all vertices in the graph g.


  • VertexList functionality is now available in the built-in Wolfram Language function VertexList.
  • To use VertexList, you first need to load the Graph Utilities Package using Needs["GraphUtilities`"].
  • VertexList returns a list of vertices of the graph g.
  • For graphs specified using a rule list, the list of vertices is returned in the order in which they first appear.
  • Functions such as GraphCoordinates and PageRankVector return information on vertices in the order given by VertexList.


Basic Examples  (2)

The list of vertices of a simple graph:

This function has been superseded by VertexList in the Wolfram System: