As of Version 10, all the functionality of the GraphUtilities package is built into the Wolfram System. >>


returns the page rank of the graph g.


  • PageRankVector functionality is now available in the built-in Wolfram Language function PageRankCentrality.
  • To use PageRankVector, you first need to load the Graph Utilities Package using Needs["GraphUtilities`"].
  • The following options can be given:
  • ToleranceAutomaticthe tolerance that should be allowed in computing results
    TeleportProbability0.15the probability that an internet user may choose to visit a vertex at random instead of choosing an outlink
    RemoveSinksTruewhether sinks (a sink is a vertex with no outer links) are removed by linking with all vertices
  • PageRankVector calculates the page rank of nodes in a directed graph and returns them as a vector. The ordering of the vector is the same as that of VertexList.


Basic Examples  (2)

This shows a small network of web pages:

This calculates the page ranks:

PageRankVector has been superseded by PageRankCentrality: