prints information about the specified type, including its inheritance hierarchy, assembly name, and its public members (constructors, methods, properties, and so on).


prints information about the object's type.


prints information about the types in the assembly specified by the given NETAssembly expression.


prints information about only the specified members, which can be any of the following strings (or a list of them): "Type", "Constructors", "Methods", "Fields", "Properties", or "Events".


prints only the members whose names match the given string pattern.

Details and Options

  • To use NETTypeInfo, you first need to load .NET/Link using Needs["NETLink`"].
  • The following options can be given:
  • LanguageSyntax"CSharp"the language syntax in which output should be formatted (must be "CSharp" or "VisualBasic")
    InheritedTruewhether to include inherited members
    IgnoreCaseFalsewhether to ignore case in matching names to a string pattern
  • The type argument can be a fully qualified type name given as a string, or a NETType expression.
  • When calling NETTypeInfo on a NETAssembly expression, the members argument must be any of the following strings (or a list of them): "Classes", "Interfaces", "Structures", "Delegates", or "Enums".