Event Components

Event components manage the game objects that are selected, input modules in use, and raycasting. Some event components can also send events to objects in the game and they are included in game objects. The Wolfram Language allows event components to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

Event System Component

UnityEventSystem represents a event system

UnityEventSystemQ test whether an object is a event system

CreateUnityEventSystem create a event system

DeleteUnityEventSystem delete a event system

Event Trigger Component

UnityEventTrigger represents a event trigger

UnityEventTriggerQ test whether an object is a event trigger

CreateUnityEventTrigger create a event trigger

DeleteUnityEventTrigger delete a event trigger

Graphic Raycaster Component

UnityGraphicRaycaster represents a graphic raycaster

UnityGraphicRaycasterQ test whether an object is a graphic raycaster

CreateUnityGraphicRaycaster create a graphic raycaster

DeleteUnityGraphicRaycaster delete a graphic raycaster

Physics 2D Raycaster Component

UnityPhysics2DRaycaster represents a physics 2d raycaster

UnityPhysics2DRaycasterQ test whether an object is a physics 2d raycaster

CreateUnityPhysics2DRaycaster create a physics 2d raycaster

DeleteUnityPhysics2DRaycaster delete a physics 2d raycaster

Physics Raycaster Component

UnityPhysicsRaycaster represents a physics raycaster

UnityPhysicsRaycasterQ test whether an object is a physics raycaster

CreateUnityPhysicsRaycaster create a physics raycaster

DeleteUnityPhysicsRaycaster delete a physics raycaster

Standalone Input Module Component

UnityStandaloneInputModule represents a standalone input module

UnityStandaloneInputModuleQ test whether an object is a standalone input module

CreateUnityStandaloneInputModule create a standalone input module

DeleteUnityStandaloneInputModule delete a standalone input module